George Shaw - Chairman

As the longest standing member of the Chesham Youth Council I like to use it to improve the town and to ensure that it is a nice place for young people to live!

Emily Rann - Vice Chair

Hi I'm Emily and I’m the vice chair of the Chesham Youth Council, I go to Chesham Grammar School and I'm a cheerleader! The Youth Council is such an amazing opportunity for any young people who want to get involved in the community, I love it!

Harry Talhadas - Environmental

I'm Harry a member of the Chesham Youth Council. As a fairly new member of the group, i am determined to improve Chesham for the better.

Robin Maddern - Publicity Team

As the second longest standing member of the Chesham Youth Council, I love using this platform to help improve Chesham for my friends and peers :).

Ollie Watson 

As one of the newest standing members of Chesham Youth Council, it has allowed me to feel I’m making a large and substantial change for the youth within Chesham.

Charlotte Miller 

Hi my name is Charlotte and I I love being a part of Chesham youth council and it’s great to make a difference while also having a great time with friends. I have also experienced many exciting and unique opportunities.

Juliet Craig - Publicity Team

Hi, I'm Juliet a new member of Chesham Youth Council. Since joining I feel that this group really makes a difference within the community and I am determined to continue making changes for the better.

Bella Elton-Jones - Publicity Team

Hi, I’m Bella I am  an active member of the Chesham youth council. I joined around mid October 2022 and so far have enjoyed every second taking part in this wonderful community we have together and have made amazing things happen with great people. I am a creative, sociable and chatty person and I have been thriving with the youth council ever since the day I joined.

Asha Mistry

I'm Asha (Ash) and I want to make a difference.

I've only been with the youth council for a couple of months and its amazing how a small group can make such a positive impact. It provides a chance for Chesham youth to speak with their own voice.

Charlie Elton-Jones - Secretary

I’m Charlie I play rugby 🏉, guitar, and I go to Chiltern hills academy. I have 3 cats and a dog.

Sahiti Bathala

I’m Sahithi. I’m a student at CGS and I’m a swimmer and I’m bilingual as well :)

Madhulika Ipe

I am interested in a future career in law and a large part of that is learning how to interact with people from different groups and public speaking . I feel as though being part of a group of similar minded and aged people who are interested in implementing changes in Chesham that will benefit everyones wellbeing, will also help to develop my own skills in public speaking and decision making.