Our Projects and Events

Comedy Club Raffle Fundraiser

We went to Chesham Comedy Club on the 6th of October to run a raffle within the intervals to raise money for our future projects. 

Peace in the Park 2023

We went to Peace in the Park 2023 and ran a SPLAT THE RAT stall where we allowed members of the public to throw sponges at our Chair and Vice-Chair. There was also a short period where we people were able to 'Splat Tory Councillors' which was extremely popular. We also presented a short speech on The Youth Council and what we do for the young people and the wider community.

CYGNET Awards 2023

we ran an awards ceremony to commemorate the young people of Chesham. For more info look at the designated page.

The Great Pancake Race

In February 2023 we took part in The Great Pancake Race and won an award for the best youth Group taking part!

Christmas in Chesham 2022

For Christmas in Chesham 2022 we ran a sweet and bottle tombola in order to raise money for future projects.

Chiltern Voice

On the 3rd of July 2021 we attended an interview on Chiltern Voice and talked about our Twinned Towns Project.

Twinned Towns visit

During the summer of 2021 we visited Houllies to meet up with our twinned town to discuss our UN Sustainability Goals and to Network

UN Sustainability Goals

Throughout 2020 and 2021 we prepared information on our UN Sustainability goals and then shared this with our twinned towns followed by a trip to Houllies.

Peace Day 2021

We went to Peace Day 2021 and did a short presentation on our twinned towns project. It allowed the local community to gain knowledge on us and our projects and allowed us to gain others opinions on what was good and what needed to be changed.

Hats off Chesham 2021

We visited Hats off Chesham 2021 to represent and see what was going on, it was great.

Town Litter Pick

In September 2020 we took part in the town litter pick.